He awaits election passionately. Be it Lok Sabha, Assembly or Panchayat level election. He feels part and parcel of politics at least for a particular period. Sure, it’s election time.
Ram Sevak is a full time rickshaw puller, and a part time politician. He can be spotted in Noida and adjoining areas of Ghaziabad. He joins politics only during election time, as per his claims.
What do you like most?
“Politics,” he responds quickly.
It was an unexpected reply from a rickshaw puller. He also tried to observe my response through his rear view mirror. He had already learnt the thoughts moving in my mind.
“See, I work as a rickshaw puller, I like politics.”
“OK,” I asked him to continue.
“Both offer employment to me. Politics around election seasons, and rickshaw rest of the time.”
“I live with my family near Swarna Jayanti Park in Indirapuram [Ghaziabad],” says Ram adding, “I earn 200 to 300 rupees daily, on an average.”
“On Saturday and Sundays – the amount get reduced to 50 to 100 of rupees,” he said and continued, “Some time jam or other happenings also affect the income.”

children of rickshawpullersHe finds politics facilitating better employment for him in comparison to rickshaw. Unfortunately his political engagement never offer long term benefits.
“I earn almost same amount when I join my candidate’s political campaign. Apart from it, I get good and tasty foods, which are beyond my reach during regular days.”
“Not only this,” he describes with full of joy on his face, “FREE and unlimited Daaru [liquor] is bonus.”
Ram Sevak belongs to Banda district of Uttar Pradesh. I met him a few days ago. Till date the election commission had not announced poll dates in five states including Uttar Pradesh. He would have left for his native place now.
He might have left for his native place now – To lead a comfortable life, certainly for a limited period.
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