Still unofficial, but soon the news is going to break. Several personalities [?] have applied for ‘Copyright’ and ‘Patent’ of their NIPR [non-Intellectual Properties Rights].
They are stated to be inspired by Bollywood Megastar Amitabh Bachchan and Maharashtra politician Narayan Rane. Amitabh Bachchan planned to get his voice patent when he came to know that it was being misused for some cause, he’d never endorse. Actually his voice imitation has been used in the promotion of a Gutkha brand. Recently Narayan Rane got copyright for his son’s marriage invitation cards.
This will ensure that prior permission has to be taken before using Big B’s voice in any manner. Similarly, nobody can copy the content and design of the Rane’s card.
Encouraged with the idea, some politicians are planning to pressurise the government to make a new law in India. This law may be titled as Cop-atent [a mixture of copyright and patent]. This law, with some ‘Add Ons’, would be more powerful in comparison to existing laws.
The work on its draft has been already started. It’ll include some clauses like ‘Cop-atent’ of a constituency. Under this clause an existing MP will be able to apply for a ‘Cop-atent’ on his/her constituency. If s/he gets the ‘Cop-atent’ he can enjoy all rights reserved in his/her name.
At the time of poll, every other candidate, who wants to contest poll from that seat have to get written permission in advance, from the person. Contesting without permission on a Cop-atent seat will be illegal and liable to cancelation of candidature.
In case a sitting MP gets defeated in election from the constituency he possesses the Cop-atent rights he can claim for his share in MP fund. The new MP will have to share a particular percentage of amounts of the fund allocated to the area.
The law of inheritance will automatically apply on ‘Cop-atent’ rights. The next generation from the family can enjoy the rights. If the family members decide not to practice politics, they can lease out the rights. In case of aversion to politics, they can surrender the rights to the government. However, they can apply for some royalty, but it’ll only be granted by the concerned expert committee.
This draft proposal also has similar provisions for all those who qualify the category of public representative.
In addition some celebs from different fields have also expressed their desire to apply for ‘Cop-atent’ rights.

Here is the list of who’s who, already in the queue:
‘Cop-atent’ on the Portfolio [ as Minister for Telecommunications] : Former telecom minister A Raja is stated to be consulting lawyers to apply for a ‘Cop-atent’.
‘Cop-atent’ on Statues of Living Persons : The UP chief minister Mayavati is front runner in this segment.
‘Cop-atent’ for organising sports events : Commonwealth Games organising committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi is now trying his best to get a ‘Cop-atent’ in this particular category under event management.
‘Cop-atent’ for speaking on ‘National Causes’ : Booker award winner author, Arundhati Roy has decided to go for ‘Cop-atent’ rights to speak on challenges before nation.
‘Cop-atent’ in Shadi LIVE : After getting married and coming out from following controversies Rahul Mahajan has sought a ‘Cop-atent’ in this vertical.
‘Cop-atent’ in Insaaf LIVE : Bollywood item girl, Rakhi Sawant also plans to file an NIPR application to ensure protections for her decisions.

The committee working on the draft has decided to get feedback form people in this regard. The feedback submitted by PoliticSCOPE readers may become part of the draft. So, all the readers are requested to put their suggestions here.

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