Rented house is bliss or mess? It depends, whether you’re lucky or not. Despite all, you always possess one open option. Option to change. You can get rid of your itching neighbor and choose another, any time. But, once you own a house almost options get closed.

Last weekend, The Streetwalker visited a person three accommodations within six months. The couple had made three consecutive celebrations in different houses. The wedding anniversary in NOIDA. Son and daughter’s birthdays in Vaishali and Vasundhara [both in Ghaziabad, adjacent to Delhi border] between November and April.

“I left the two accommodations as there were no sleeping zones. First, for other reason,” said the man, a friend of me, adding, “Both were two bed room flats, but why no sleeping zones? It seemed very interesting.”

“See, In Vaishali, the flat was on ground floor, above the basement. When we made the inner one our master bed room, it’s difficult to sleep after 6 in the morning. The sound of slippers and shoes directly hit the ears regularly as people moved up or down. It was not limited to the residents. Apart from regulars like milkwallah, rickshaw-wallah, kudawallah, many unwanted incessantly visiting salesmen and surveyors enjoy this random momentum.”
“So, we decided to shift to the outer one. Wow! The same situation already awaiting. The entire road ambience was made for the only chap who dares to go on bed during daytime. Who’s going to bother you’re back home after night shift.

The life had become hell in the last flat. It was a three storey building, belonged to only one person. The landlady was in lead role who finalized each condition with sole authority. Her husband stood just as a mute spectator. Sometimes he smiled a bit as if he got the permission for, and remained silent rest of the time. The landlord had offered first floor on rent. The couple used to reside on top, while their parents on ground. The kitchen, dining and children, too on ground floor.
“It’s really a big mess. Here too we tried the previous options. This was also a two BHK flat, strictly without a sleeping zone.”

“First we used the front one as bed room. The first word we heard in the morning was “KABADI” [scrap vendors]. It was 5:15 am then. There was neither gate nor security person to check. Within an hour, the sabziwallah, friutwallah, repairwallah, had joined the group of street performers.”
“Second option was open. Go to the backside bed room”
“The children had to go to school so we went to bed as early as possible. Before the alarm, it was the door getting opened spreading the ghostly sound.
I got up assuming it was too late. But, not to worry. Just wee hours.
First sound : One switch was on. It was toilet’s switch.
Second sound : The bolt unlocked. It was the toilet’s door.
Third sound : THAK…and the door was closed.
Fourth sound : It was ‘Noise bursting out of bowels’. Just like the Indo-Pak war. Too many gases were formed in stomach. Just bursting into the commode. It might be a case of stomach infection. The doctor would certainly recommend some antibiotics.
Fifth sound : Everything flushed out. The last one when the person presses the flush button.
The door reopened. With a sigh of relief perhaps, everything settled. Except our, mind.

What about your land lady?
She kept my new CFL as guarantee, as I have missed the duplicate key of the main gate’s old lock. The lock worth never go beyond Rs. 15/- while I’d bought the CFL for Rs. 110 or more, right on the eve of getting rid of her.

Prior to it, they had to leave NOIDA’s flat as the landlord said his relative is arriving. He suffers knee problem so he’d prefer ground floor. [Later on, during a courtesy visit it’s learnt that no relative had to reside. The owner wanted to raise the rent to almost double. So, he practiced the trick.]

This is undoubtedly an uphill task. To enter a new rented flat, one has to go through some scheduled (i.e. prosaic) proceedings. Sign up a rent agreement. Provide details including recent pics of entire family for verification. Arrange the required amount to be paid. Two months advance rent and one month as security deposit. If you get the new flat through a dealer, the amount worth a month rent of at least 15 days [with obligation], have to be paid.
Despite all, several risk factors, terms and conditions apply, in addition. Most of the flats in these areas have been built by private builders. So, nothing in appropriate fashion, except the bricks and cement structures.

Man builds house. Woman makes it home. And others turn it into hell. It’s your sheer luck. What you get? House, Home or Hell?

[This article was written for http://www.politicscope.com | It is republished here]