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More than 24 hours had been passed. But, Sheela couldn’t trace the nearby government hospital. Some stray dog has bitten her 13-year-old son. A Bhojpuri speaking woman, Sheela works as house maid in Ghaziabad. Strict to her routine, even today, she ahs been doing her works since morning. Now, she has entered just another house and picked the broom in her hand. Incidently The Streetwalker is there.

“How’s your son? Did you visit hospital?” asked the head of the family.
“Not yet actually. I’ll try it today,” she replied.

As the anti-rabies injections are offered free at government dyspenseries, so people prefer visiting there. The mother of a dog bite vicitm, Sheela too wanted to visit the government hospital.

“And, what about the dog?” asked the The Streetwalker.
After a dog bite the victims are advised to keep an eye on the activities of the dog for at least ten days, even if already vaccinated. The doctors say that if the dog develops no abnormal symptoms, then there is nothing to worry.
“The local residents chased and beaten it badly. Later on, the dog succumbed to injuries,” she said, adding that actually it had bitten several persons of the area so they were very angry.
All of us were shocked. It was a blunder as per medical guidelines, apart from cruelty against animal. By the way, she was asked to move and consult any doctor immediately. She left the house before starting the work.
Why the local people didn’t save the dog? It was the mst important question before us. It happened only because lack of awareness. In this case, not the victim was deprived of proper first aid, preventive measures to avoid severe situations were also ignored.

Unfortunately, none among those who killled those who killed the dog are going to read this post. Anyway, it’s our responsibility to make them aware and motivate in context with the cause.
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