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Today is the last day of restrictions imposed on entry of non-Manipuris into the State. However, the news is almost missing in national media. 

The Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS) has been demanding re-implementation of Inner Line Permit (ILP) system in Manipur.

As the deadline fixed by JCILPS passed, its student wing imposed a five-day ban on entry of non-Manipuris into the State till June 5.


“The activists have issued an ultimatum to leave the state as soon as possible. About four lakhs people are affected with this warning,” says Ranjeet Gupta, a senior journalist, who spoke to several persons living in Manipur. According to him, most of them belong to eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

According to Gupta, the affected people include businessmen as well as labourers.

At a press conference in Imphal Chief Minister O Ibobi said, “Both the State Assembly and the Cabinet have endorsed the demand for implementation of ILPS in Manipur and the same resolution was forwarded to New Delhi.”
However, the Chief Minister also said, “The Government would never remain silent if any one commits any anti-national act.”

Who are the rightful inhabitants?

Samarjit Kambam writes in The Sangai Express: “There are some big communities in Manipur viz Meeteis, Nagas and Kukis and Meetei Pangals. Besides, there are many other tribes, castes, sects, etc., in Manipur. In this digital age Manipur is heading towards the Stone Age, where killings and massacres took place for intruding in one’s territory. We have already stepped into the 21st century, the world has shrunk virtually, things have changed a lot. But the scenario in Manipur is really pitiable.”


In the meantime, Mr. Kambam raise questions: “Maybe it is a political game to counter the Nagas or it may be the handiwork of some chameleon political leaders. The question is “Who first originated in Manipur?” How do the Meeteis originate, what is the origin of the Meetei Pangals, what about the Nagas? And what about the Kukis? Do all of them originate from Manipur?”